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Happy Child-recorded webinar

14 july 2021
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Making fun in an atmosphere of freedom is an important source of emotional strength but also of emotion regulation. Especially in therapies that arouse intense emotions, this capacity to regulate emotions is seriously needed. The Free and Happy Child Mode is a source of joy, an antidote for these intense negative emotions and a healthy kind of rebellion which is sometimes forgotten in individual therapy sessions. To release and stimulate the Happy Child Mode is one of the goals in Schema therapy. But how to do this, how to work with the Happy Child Mode in therapy without making therapy look silly or childish? In this recorded webinar the function of play and the Happy Child Mode will be discussed, and some treatment techniques on how to work with this mode will be demonstrated.

There is a treasury full of possibilities to stimulate lively creativity and playfulness both outside and within sessions. Goal of this webinar is to inspire participants to be more aware of this important mode in therapy as well as to stimulate this side in ourselves as therapists. Because it’s fun! But also, because it’s a necessary role model for our clients.

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