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Healthy Adult-recorded webinar

23 february 2021
15.30-16.45 Remco van der Wijngaart & Chris Korevaar

One of the most important goals in Schematherapy is to strengthen the healthy modes, like the Healthy Adult Mode. There is not much information about how the patient should recognize this healthy mode and how to learn to behave like a healthy adult. Describing how to work with this Healthy Adult Mode more specifically can be seen as a new development in Schema therapy.
From the Healthy Adult Mode, the patient needs to learn how to stay in contact with his/her own basic core needs, but then how to balance this with those of important others? What is being healthy in the present? What are the choices and what steps have to be made?

Participants of the webinar will become acquainted with the process of clarifying the Healthy Adult Mode-concept to the patient. A straightforward step by step concept will be presented with which patients can learn to build on their healthy adult. Furthermore, the use of techniques that are con-sidered to be central to schema therapy, like chair work, will be shown as a way to strengthen the Healthy Adult mode of the patient.

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