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Day 4 of Summer School

Day 4: Thursday, August 11

We are happy to offer an Online Summer School on Schema Therapy, from 8-12 August 2022. This Summer School consists of 5 days filled with a wide variety of interesting topics, such as an introduction in the new basic needs and schemas, the use of humor and play in obsessive compulsive personality disorders, dealing with loyalty and guilt when addressing parent modes, how to create corrective emotional experiences and much more. Each training day will consist of 4 modules of 1,5 hrs each with a focus on live demonstrations and room for practice. We will do our utmost best to make this Summer School an enjoyable learning experience that will inspire you in your clinical work. Check out the program below and sign up to one or more online training days. Signing up for the complete Summer School will bring you a €100 discount.


Thursday, August 11
Cluster C disorders and their challenges

9-10.30am CET Dependent PD; general guidelines and differentiating modes
10.45-12.15am CET Avoidant PD: differentiating modes and stimulating anger
1.15-2.45pm CET Obsessive Compulsive PD: differentiating modes and the use of humor
3-4.30pm CET Schema therapy for depression




The rest of the program you can find on our Summer School page.



Note: please let us know if the time slots are inconvenient for your time zone: when there is enough interest in your time zone, extra modules will be offered to allow your participation.


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