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Angry Modes-Recorded webinar

20 april 2021

This is a recorded webinar
Therapists often find dealing with an angry patient one of the biggest challenges in their clinical work. Anger causes distress both in the patient and the therapist. Therapists find it sometimes difficult to decide if they should set limits to the anger or allow the patient to vent it all. Being confronted with anger may also trigger schemas within the therapist, causing feelings of vulnerability or helplessness, not knowing how to deal with the situation.

This recorded webinar aims to help schema therapists differentiate the different angry modes of the patient. It also offers ways of dealing with schemas triggered by the anger, keeping the schema therapist in his or her Healthy Adult mode. Demonstrations show ways how to deal with the different angry modes. The goal of the webinar is to make the participants feel more at ease with a patient being angry, learn to identify the mode that is showing the anger and feel more confident in using schema therapy methods and techniques to work with these modes. Participants may expect an interactive, lively webinar full of learning experiences.

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