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Fine tuning Imagery Rescripting-recorded webinar

8 december 2020
3.30-4.30PM (Amsterdam)

Imagery rescripting is generally regarded as one of the most effective techniques within schema therapy. It is also an effective stand-alone treatment for anxiety disorders such as Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. However, it is often difficult to apply this technique. For instance, therapists are regularly faced with challenging situations in which, for example, the patient says 'I have no memories of my childhood' or, after you’ve addressed an aggressive parent in the image, the patient says ‘I feel really bad when you talk to my father that way' or, instead of wanting to protect him, the patient wants to kill him

In this webinar these challenging situations will be discussed and demonstrations will be provided how to deal with these situations. The webinar is based on the most recent insights and experiences of this method. (Further information on this technique can be found in a Dutch book on Imagery rescripting, written by Remco van der Wijngaart which will be published in English in 2021.)
The objective is that this webinar should be an enjoyable, inspiring experience in order to enable the therapists to apply Imagery rescripting more often and more effectively.

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